4 Web Design Trends You Can’t Ignore In 2020

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Considering the technological advancement and the emerging trends, the web design space is sure to be impacted in a good manner. The website design demands to be more attractive, simpler, and user-friendly.

Nowadays, most mobile devices have access to the web, and on that note, the number of responsive websites being designed is seeing a significant increase.

But there is still more to web design- to catch up with the current trends, by first understanding what they are!

Following are the 4 web design trends that are being augmented by their effective usage and cannot be ignored
1. Whitespace complementing Minimalism

When we talk about whitespace or negative space, it doesn’t necessarily have to be white in colour! There is a reason why the optimum use of whitespace is being encouraged, and is taking off rapidly.

The user interaction with the websites is for a very limited time, which means, the website should do the talking within those few seconds only! With a minimalistic approach, which allows your website to speak for itself, with no irrelevant and extra content, you can actually win your user with easier navigation and understanding.

This trend is specifically being followed to grab the attention of the users, give them a great user experience and urge them to stick to the website.

2. Typography

The high resolution retina displays, or the small screen mobile devices are appeased by the dramatic usage of typography! The unique font styles, and the playful words that leave a long-lasting impression on the user about your brand and the kind of work you do. Typography is an artistic form of delivering a message to create an impact on the user, just like other kinds of visual representations do. You can be more artsy, use dramatic fonts, mix them up, and play with the words for great outcome!

3. Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming very popular amongst the users across the globe. It is evident from the fact that people are actually switching to dark mode on social media apps like Instagram. Dark mode is synonymous to being one level up than being modern. If websites have a dark mode on, the design elements on the websites, the colors, the fonts, are all easily readable and pleasing to the eyes. Also, it’s all the aesthetics these days! So, dark mode is surely a win-win.

4. A Mix Of Photography And Graphics

Creating visuals by mixing photographs and graphics is more engaging, and is certainly a medium to be able to add more life, and personality to your website design.

Illustrations and photographs together speak about how well the creativity is put together- and imparts the right message to your target audience. The best part about this trend is you can mix-and-match however you wish to! But the catch is, you must align it with your brand type and what would you like to convey to the audience by your illustrations- is it something edgy, or your routine service doing wonders in the field? Ponder, and then decide your way out.

Come on, wear your creative hats!

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