4 Ways To Survive As A Business Owner During COVID-19

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This decade started with us facing unprecedented situation and mentioning that it is going to last for a good while is certainly an understatement.

However, we need to make it to the other side!

We have come up with 4 ways that can help us sail through this situation, and they are as follows:

1. Do Not Disappear

Whether your business comes under the category of non-essential business or if you had to temporarily shut down for not being able to cope up with the fixed expenses, you must not disappear.

This is the time to rewind and rebrand. With the government and councils helping businesses as much as they can, you as a business owner should ensure that it is utilized in the right manner. Since everybody is at home, their screen time has increased- and that is the opportunity for you!

Get a website designed if you haven’t already done so and engage with them.

For example, since logistics is still an essential service, even if you had to shut down your homeware store to cut off the fixed expenses, you can operate from home via an e-commerce store! What isn’t possible in the online world?

2. Talk to Your Customers

Use your online presence to talk to your customers, by sending newsletters, sharing blogs on your website, and on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Tell them it is a hard time for us all, and how you can help them in this situation.

Explain how your product/service can add value to their life whilst there is unrest and chaos everywhere. Be creative, compassionate, and mindful while you do this.

For instance, if your product/service is not helpful in this situation (events, weddings, etc), deliver what your audience always wanted to see, blogs and/or videos on topics like 5 DIY home decor to cope up with boredom, or 3 ways to set up a cake table at home would be a great content addition for event organizers!

3. Stay Updated

The government is doing a lot to keep small businesses afloat through and after this pandemic. You need to be updated, and keep a close eye on how certain grants can be beneficial for you as a business owner. For example, Melbourne & Sydney City-based businesses are getting grants for building their online presence from their respective councils. As an eligible business, you can be covered for costs incurred in creating a website, an e-commerce store, and other digital marketing practices to grow your business online. There is no due date for Melbourne city-based businesses, but Sydney businesses can apply until 27 April 2020 only. If you are looking at rebranding and utilizing this time, contact us for a web design quote.

4. Consider the worst-case scenario

It will not be too soon to say that things might get worse, and we must be prepared for it. Wear your courageous hats that you first wore while you laid the foundation of your business and work out the worst-case scenario. This would help you figure out your finances, and the current situation you are in, which is certainly helpful while you apply for any grants with the government.

As a fellow business, we are offering enormous discounts to businesses affected by COVID-19 and doing our bit to support the community. We are all in this together and we’ll come out stronger than ever!

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