3 Ways To Retain Your Customers During COVID-19

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COVID-19 has been a nightmare for businesses, especially for those who either are dependent on walk-ins or the ones that operate from business-to-business.

To get to the other side, with your existing customer base, follow the following 3 ways that we think would help you get through-

1. Support Your Customers

Both you and your customer would be affected by COVID-19 and at this time, it is important to support them in every way possible.

Let them know what your business can do to help them in this situation. If you have a restaurant, you can offer takeaways and deliveries in the comfort of their own home.

If you are run a teaching institute, you can choose to conduct online classes, or if you are a yoga teacher, you can have sessions online regularly.

If you are a product-based business, having an e-commerce platform to sell your products would be beneficial and can ease out the entire process of buying for your customers. Be it online grocery shopping, or other items, you can provide your customers with the same without putting yourself and them at risk by going out.

The best way is to let them know that you are here as a member of the community to support them; along with this, you can also provide them with discounts and offers that would help them get through this hard time.

2. Do Mindful Marketing

Selling shouldn’t be your go-to at this point! Amidst this chaos, you would need to adapt mindful ways to market your brand out. Mindful marketing is the key to be successful in retaining your customers as this hard time would prove how credible you are- for your customers and for your community. Be mindful of what you post on different marketing channels, as it will make a huge difference. If you are an essential business, tell your customers how you can be beneficial for them and that it is safe to avail of your products/services. If you are a non-essential business, please modify your content strategy and put out what is relevant at this time. For example, Makeup Artists can share easy tutorials to be performed at home, gardeners can share the most effective gardening tips and whatnot. Your entire content strategy should be aimed at helping and supporting your customers. The most important thing is to switch online, and you must do it right away!

3. Connect to Your Customers

The connection between you and your customers is the most important thing. Be open and tell them about the changes you have made in operations, your policies, and how do you plan to come out stronger from this situation. No wonder, things are getting better, you must stay connected and share what needs to be shared with them. Be active on your social media, write blogs on your website, and engage with them. This way, you not only build a relationship with them, but this also gives you a way to ask for their inputs, important feedbacks, and much more.

If you don’t have a website at this point, you are lagging. But it’s never too late! Get in touch with us, and we shall build you a website that will be a platform for you to engage with your customers.

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