Reasons to Improve your Website Design

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Your website is your brand’s best spokesperson. It is what introduces your potential customers to your brand and then gives them reasons to engage with it. That being said, a website’s role in the growth of your company and in expressing your brand’s voice is not something that should be taken lightly. So, if there is any scope for improving your website, you need to make use of it and in the process choose what’s best for your business. And when it comes to improving your website, web design is definitely the primary focus. A website’s design is what determines how well it will be received by the customers and how well it works for the benefit of your brand.

That being said, let’s hear from our web design experts 5 reasons why you should improve your website design and see if you need to bring in these improvements to give your business that competitive edge.

1. To Create a Better User Experience

If a website is what introduces your potential customers to your brand/business then technically a website is what forms the first impression. So, if you mess up on the first step itself and create an undesirable impression, your potential clients would be less likely to engage with your brand. To take this possibility out of the picture you need to make sure that your website offers the best user experience. You need to make sure that people don’t have a tough time accessing your website and then navigating through it.

Tips to Enhance Your Website’s User Experience
  • Your website should be easy to navigate.
  • Must provide all the necessary information.
  • Less loading time.
  • Calls to action like free online quotes buttons.
  • Keep the information complete but brief.
  • Use relevant visual content including images and videos.

2. To Be in Synchrony With Current Trends/Developments

Technology is never static, it keeps on changing and improving with time. So, there is no reason why your website should remain static and not incorporate the developments that are taking place on the website front. It’s not like you build a website and are done with it, you actually need to keep track of every development that’s coming in and incorporate it into your website’s design. This is one of the main reasons why your website design needs constant improvements, otherwise, your website and therefore your business will be left behind in the modern race.
Latest Technology Trends to Follow!

– Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project was announced by Google in 2015 and by 2021 it became a must-have for all websites. Basically, an AMP page loads instantly within 2 seconds as compared to non-AMP pages that take 22 seconds or more.

– A responsive website

A responsive website is built to be efficiently accessed by all devices including smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc. And therefore to create a mobile-friendly website, it needs to be responsive. As per recent studies, 72 percent of internet users prefer a mobile-friendly website and therefore you cannot stress enough the importance of having a responsive website.

– Voice Search Optimization

According to a recent study, 55 percent of mobile users prefer voice search over typing in their queries on the web? And therefore if you wish your website to reach this population, you need to make sure that your website is voice-search optimized and our web designers are fully equipped to help you out on this front.

– Chat Bots

Real-time website assistance has taken a big leap forward with AI-powered chatbots and it has made navigating through a website easier than ever. So, if your web design still doesn’t have a chatbox it’s a sign that your website is in dire need of improvements.

3. Your Website Doesn’t Reflect the Current Vision of Your Brand

If a website doesn’t reflect the overall vision of your website then it’s nothing more than an incomplete booklet. From that moment when the idea of your brand first came into existence to the present moment, the world has undergone a lot of changes and along with it your vision of your business must have evolved. There must have been certain additions and certain rectifications.

  • The services that you offered back then might not be the ones that you offer at present.
  • Your product list might also have seen several additions.
  • Your USP might have changed.
  • Your operational structure must have changed.
  • The geographical locations that you serve might have increased.

A good website design is one that incorporates all these changes, highlights them so that your old customers are made aware of them immediately, and also attracts newer ones.

4. To Improve Your Website’s Lead Generation

The main intent behind the creation of a website is to generate leads and if your website is not doing that well, that means it’s time to improve your website’s design. Optimize your website for lead generation by:

  • Adding forms on pages that experience the most traffic.
  • Adding attractive calls to action buttons.
  • Adding landing and location pages to your website.
  • Incorporating chatbots service.

All these elements when brought together can go a long way in generating leads. So, if your website is missing any of them, then it’s time to hire a web design company to improve your website.

5. Enhance the Level of Web Security

Many of the new developments that are happening on the website front are directed towards increasing the level of website security considering the ever-increasing cyber security breaches. If your website was made a few years ago and has not been updated since then, then your website might not be immune to these breaches like hacking and even viruses. And you know how once attacked by these malwares, not just your website but your entire business could take irreversible damage. So, to prevent such happenings you need to improve the security level of your website by seeking the help of expert web designers.

If your website is lacking on any of these fronts, it’s your cue to improve the web design. Now, all of this is in no way the job of an amateur but that of an expert. So, get in touch with us at Make My Website and have our expert developers and designers update your website and improve its overall efficiency.

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