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What Makes a good Business Website?

Your business needs a website for many reasons. It is a powerful tool to help generate leads, save time, promote your business, and expand your reach. However, you can only reap the benefits of a website if you optimize it for success. In this post we’ll go over what makes a good business website, and how to make your website as effective as it can be for your small business success

What makes a successful website?

A good business website is not just one that attracts visitors or is nice to look at. It is one that produces results that drive success through your business goals. So what makes a successful website? A successful website for your business is one that informs visitors, keeps them on there, and converts them into leads and customers. Below are some actions you can take to achieve these elements of a successful website.

Informs Visitors

Information makes a good business website. In particular, relevant, easy to digest, and visible information. To leverage information for a successful website, follow these two suggestions.

Optimize Your Homepage

Your website’s homepage is like your store front. It should include as much information as possible before a person even steps in. Similarly, your homepage should provide as much information as possible before a visitor even has to scroll.

The page view a visitor sees before scrolling is referred to as “above the fold”. A good business website is one that answers the following questions above the fold:

  • What does this business do?
  • How can this business help me?
  • Why should I stay on this website?
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