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Reliance Accounting

Reliance Accounting

Reliance Accounting is an accounting and taxation practice established by Soheb Surani with more than 12 years of experience which understands the needs and complications of businesses and helps them to adapt best practices in order to meet the statutory requirements associated with Australian Taxation Office and Australian Securities & Investment Commission.
Since its humble beginnings, Reliance Accounting has grown by leaps & bounds, and currently owns a portfolio of diverse businesses and individual clients. This varied portfolio of clients gives us a competitive advantage to cater for our clients very efficiently.
Here at Reliance Accounting we believe in providing a great experience to our clients. We achieve this by tailoring our services and aligning them with client’s needs and requirements.


  • Efficient and responsive attention
  • A spirit of generosity in our ideas and time
  • Proactive and enterprising service that is never short on creativity
  • Advice you can depend on
  • Likeable professionals that are easy to do business with

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