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Lethbridge Dental Clinic

Dr Sonia Kharinta has been working in Penrith for 3 years. Together with Dr Brian Phillips who has been a trusted dentist in Penrith since 1976. This highly experienced and knowledgeable team provide all facets ofdental care, including cosmetic dentistry, emergency services, dental implants, dentures and teeth whitening. Their comprehensive approach and caring attitude have won them the loyalty of their patients, many of whom have made this Lethbridge dental clinic their family practice.
We believe that everyone deserves a great smile, and it is our philosophy that this is best achieved through regular, preventative care. Preserving your natural teeth in this way also helps to avoid costly and complicated treatment in the future. It is for this reason that our dentists in Penrith take a holistic approach to oral health care.

Meeting Your Family’s Needs
By offering our patients a full range of services, we have created a practice that can meet your entire family’s oral healthcare requirements all in one place. From regular check-ups to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dentures and dental implants, our team in Penrith can help you get your confidence back. We also offer emergency dentist services to give you peace of mind even in the face of the unexpected.

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