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Jk Halal Meat

JK Halal Meat

JK Halal Meat

JK Halal Meat provides 100% halal meat to retail and wholesale clients. We are known for our high quality halal meat. We offer all variety of Chicken, Lamb, Goat, Beef, Rabbit, Duck, Venison and others. At JK Halal Meat, daily we get our stock delivered fresh, and our experienced butchers insures that you get the very best quality halal meat.We have been into the Meat business for over 15 years. JK Halal meat is a family owned business.

Pet animal meats, like beef, contain high-quality complete protein,this means they supply all the proteins your body needs to build the healthy proteins it uses for essential body functions such as growth and development.
The iron in red beef, especially beef, is 2 times as beneficial as the iron found in other food sources – and about 50 % of it is heme flat iron, which helps reduce the likelihood of anemia. Consuming meat also enhances your absorption of non-hemetic flat iron from plant foods, so be certain to accompany your Sunday roast with all of the vegetable accessories. Your mom would be proud!
Four ounces of lean beef provides 50 percent of the daily need of vitamin B12, which is important for a healthy nervous system and the formation of |blood. Nutritional B6, also given by beef, helps convert the potentially harmful chemical homocysteine, which is linked to the likelihood of center disease, into other harmless molecules.

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