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Bowls Plus

Regarding Bowls Plus Magazines

Bowls Plusnaw magazines were founded in 2010, in the beginning with a Queensland edition, |used by a NSW distribution. In 2015, Bowls In addition was purchased by FoundationCommunications Publishing, a professional publishing house. Since that time, the magazine has grown in circulation and content has improved, moving the Containers Plus brand into the professional publishing realm. Containers Plus South Australia is the latest addition to the bowling magazine group.

Our viewers

Bowling team committee members, bowlers, Life-style Villages and Resorts, holiday break and travel operators, travel and leisure operators, retirement facilities, patients in doctors’ waiting rooms, library patrons and many more.

Scheduled Features

Dishes Plus Magazines are |loaded with great features along with news from local bowling clubs, feature articles including travel, wellbeing, health and retirement, history, charitable organizations general news and articles for the over-50s market.

Why support all of us?

We are an self-employed magazine. We do not have politically-driven editorial planks} and we don’t need to filter our content in order to keep associations happy. We avoid solution to boards. We avoid longer take one penny from any associations, which means that you as a reader do not pay directly or indirectly for the magazine. Advertisers support the magazine, which helps keep it objective and remain independent.

We also have an ulterior reason. We’d want to s